Melissa P Hackmann
echo backtumble uptangled togethercharmedhold on tighta breath of blueconnected to youOutside the back doorWhen I wake upCoastal
Click on each square for a view of the full print and price. All pieces in this section are unframed and are proofs and seconds from my studio.

These one of a kind hand pulled monotype prints are printed on a Charles Brand etching press. Images are created by painting on various sized metal and plastic plates. Prior to running through the press, ink has been added and subtracted with brushes, brayers, my hands, paper, tinsel, netting, fabric and other alternative materials that will give me the necessary results. Selected prints include chincollé elements such as altered papers, other prints, labels, etc. These materials are integrated into the final print beneath and above the layers of ink.

Printed on archival, 100% cotton rag paper, produced primarily in France. Oil-based ink.

Please contact me at for more information. Artwork will be shipped within 7 days, shipping costs are additional.